Meet LG's Ultra Definition (Yep!) 84-Inch Monster TV

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HDTV is cool, I guess, but it's going to be hard to go back after looking at LG's ultra-def 4k display, which packs four times the pixels as a 1080p set. It's mind-bogglingly crisp and enormously... enormous. Second mortgage time!


Available this July (at 84, 60, and 72 inches) for what's sure to be a startling amount, the 3480 x 2160 ultra-def LM9600 beasts will come with all the nice bullet points as the lesser LCD sets: 3D, dual-core picture processing, and motion-controlled "smart TV" apps—plus voice recognition. This starship of a TV can only do so much on paper, so we're eager to put our retinas on it as soon as we can. Still, it's enough to take some of that mythical luster off the Apple TV. Eight million pixels plus voice control. Think about it.

Just don't get too excited: remember, there's nothing out there that you can actually watch at that resolution. Yet.

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Does something with this high of a resolution even look good? I don't know why but i've seen movies on those new high def LED tv's and it just looks fake. I don't quite know how to explain it but the movie doesn't look right, it looks as if it was unedited or something. Not quite a how the movie should look. Maybe i'm just crazy..