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Meet the American Who Designed North Korea's Atrocious Website

Illustration for article titled Meet the American Who Designed North Koreas Atrocious Website

Just yesterday we learned that North Korea paid only fifteen bucks for its website. Now we get the reaction of Robert Westmore, the unwitting man behind the design.


Westmore, a former "senior web designer," told that he had no idea North Korea was using his work, but he's certainly not complaining.

"As a web designer I'm always happy to see my work getting utilized," Westmore, who spent several months of development on the theme, told "Especially when it's on a high-profile website."


I suppose that's fair enough. But knowing the United States, Westmore better not be trying to land any government contracts anytime soon. He's probably already on a blacklist. []

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"Calls and emails to the North Korean Permanent Mission to the UN in New York and the official embassy in Washington, D.C., went unanswered."

I did not know that the DPRK had an embassy on US soil...

Typical FOX.