Meet the Crazy Army of Space-Cameras Curiosity Brought to Mars

Mars rover Curiosity has doubtlessly been doing a whole lot of important science up there on the red planet, but it's also been sending back a ton of pictures to keep us simpler, non-scientist folks amused by all the pretty colors red. But what kind of cameras does that thing have anyways? JPL explains.


Curiosity doesn't just have one or two cameras, but instead a full suite of 17, each with its own specialized purpose, like filming the rovers decent, or watching the rover's back for sneaky aliens rocks.

The most awesome secret JPL's gone out of its way to explain though, is how exactly the rover shoots those seemingly impossible, wide-angle lens shots of itself, in step-by-step detail.


They say the tools don't make the photographer, but considering Curiosity is nothing but tools, it seems to be doing pretty OK. [JPL via PetaPixel]

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