Meet Wolf Cop, Canada's greatest werewolf with a badge

Wolf Cop is destined to become a meme, or at least a cult phenomenon. This concept trailer was produced by some film-makers in Saskatchewan, Canada, for the CineCoup online contest that gives one lucky film-maker $1 million to finish his or her film.


The tagline for Wolf Cop is: "Dirty Harry...only hairier." And here's the synopsis:

It's not unusual for alcoholic cop Lou Garou to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, but lately things have taken a strange turn. Crime scenes seem oddly familiar. Lou's senses are heightened, and when the full moon is out, he's a rage-fueled werewolf. WOLFCOP is one cop's quest to become a better man...

One transformation at a time.

Talking to Metro, Wolf Cop writer/director Lowell Dean says his film is set in Saskatchewan, but the problem is that there's no local film industry to make that happen: "Really the only thing stopping us from making a kick ass movie is the lack of film industry right now... I wrote it here, I picture the landscapes we have here, I picture a small town Saskatchewan bar. It’s a very Saskatchewan story for me and I think that is the heart of it."

You can vote to make Wolf Cop happen, over at the CineCoup site. Here are some of the other science fiction/fantasy entries in the contest:

Alien Abduction

When slacker Dave Duberinski suspects that all of his problems are due to a lifetime of alien abductions, he plots to abduct the alien who's been abducting him. Not only does he discover that he's right about these otherworldly, nocturnal kidnappings, but also that the fate of the human race is being judged on how he has lived the first thirty years of his life. Now with only four days left until the destruction of human kind on his thirtieth birthday, Dave must convince the aliens that his actions aside, humanity is worth saving.

Tumbling After

Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, but Jill would not Tumble After...

Twenty years after the events atop the hill, a scarred conman grifts the streets of London. Going by names like Jack Beanstalk or Jack B. Nimble, he's thrown through a loop when a new Jack arrives on the scene: Jack the Ripper. The real Jack must clear his name in face of the murderer, but it soon becomes evident that he and Jack share more than just a name...


Set across a post-nuclear landscape, a new society has been formed to work towards a better future. Outside this society rests a colony of settlers which the future left behind. Unable to join with the rest of civilization, the Colony scrounges off what is left of the surrounding desolate land. When a treaty that protects their land is broken between the two societies, the Colony is left defenseless with only its people to make a stand. A group of young men find the courage to lead a movement to save their land and the people in it, but are changed in the process. Their numerous failures shake their spirit as one of the young men's betrayal surfaces as their enemy knows their every move.

Red Horizon

During the first manned mission to Mars, a catastrophic event causes one of the crew of 6 to quickly choose self-sacrifice so that the others may live. Emotionally shocked, half of the surviving crew insist on a full mission abort, the others vie for completing their mission. In this Hitchcockian suspense throwback, the psychological balance of the 5 surviving astronauts begins to unravel and cabin fever sets in. When the chain reaction of events calls for another self-sacrifice, no one steps to the plate and one crew member has to take matters into his own hands. One by one the crew must be reduced to complete this legendary mission to the Red Planet.


An old man suffers from memory loss due to Alzheimer's. His memory and health deteriorate as his daughter, whom he has not been in contact with for years, takes him in.
Her husband, a scientist, believes he may have found a way for the old man to reconnect with her daughter again. The doctor has a radical belief that memory isn't truly lost. He builds a machine in an attempt to communicate with her father through his dreams.
Memoria is about the unexplored connection between Alzheimer's, memory loss, and dreams.

Til the End of the Day

Til the End of the Day is a character-driven Western that mixes the genre's obsession with the last frontier and redemption through violence with black humour, pulp sci-fi elements, road movie existentialism and an art rock soundtrack. At the end of the century, 2 gunslingers learn of a mad scientist’s plot to wipe out humanity and replace it with his Master Race. With enemies on both sides of the law in hot pursuit, they team up with the scientist’s knife-throwing daughter and head out to stop him. Set and filmed in Saskatchewan, it will feature some of the more unique geography of the province as backdrop for the imminent Apocalypse.


1954- Jack Valiant pursues Miss White in his latest case, but can’t help shake a nightmare, certain that clues in his dream are the key to solve it. He digs deeper, and uncovers a prostitution ring connected to prominent city officials. Jack, set up by the cartel, is out for revenge, but is chased to a rocky bluff by the police. He leaps into a lucid dream - 230 years in the future!

2184- Valiant, is taken prisoner by the Maverics, a commando unit at war with the sexy but deadly Fatals and their tyrannical queen, Aurora. The mercenaries wage war on womankind. Valiant trapped in a nightmare, ruled by these women must discover the truth, a task he learns, leads deep, into his very soul.

Heart Cooks Brain

Everyone knows where they were the day the rain came, the rain they say brought the flu. Harvey Daniels had scored the biggest break of his career. Ashley Daniels had just been fired. Chester Daniels was giving up a very old grudge. And Bradley Orso was expanding the already global proliferation of his revolutionary travel creation: working teleporters. But little do they all know that the world is about to be swept by a frightening epidemic of Orso's making. Could a shocking secret about Orso’s teleporters be the cure the world needs? Or will the world lose its grip so totally on reality that one man will be pushed to unspeakable violence and another into the hardest choice of his life.


A young woman named Rose sets out on a quest for revenge after her lover and little sister are murdered by a man powered by an unimaginable evil. Tormented by the senseless death of her loved ones, Rose seeks out a family secret from her past that she hopes will give her answers to the terror she has witnessed. Her journey takes her to a remote town and the town’s “mad hermit”, Mr. Shine. Mr. Shine soon reveals that he is the teacher of an incredible power, and Rose undertakes a rigorous training regimen in hopes of finding her loved ones killer and destroying him. In the end, she is faced with the difficult decision of choosing between vengeance and a greater good.


Annalee Newitz

I am so ready for Wolf Cop. Saskatchewan werewolves are the best.