Meet Your Breakfast Companions Of The Future: Robots Who Feed You

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I haven't had breakfast yet, so these breakfast robots from Korea are looking all the more attractive. KIST has developed two 'bots which can operate a microwave, serving tea with toast and carrying it to the hungry person.

In the video below, Mahru-Z (the boy robot with two legs, who took two years to create) carries a cup of something hot from the microwave, which he opens, picks the toast up from the toaster, and places them both in a basket. That's when his ladyfriend Mahru-M comes in, who's equipped with a nice round wheely bottom. She picks up the basket, and serves it to the human member of their breakfast party.


KIST is hoping to develop Mahru-Z and Mahru-M to the point where they can aid families in household tasks, including washing the dishes and preparing food. Just make them a little faster so the toast is actually still warm when it reaches me, and I'm sold. [MT News via PlasticPals]