Megapad Is the 23-Inch, Android-Based Tablet/All-In-One Hybrid Nobody Asked For

One adventurous DIY-er pieced together his own 23-inch touchscreen device that runs a non-Honeycomb version of Android and only cost $600 to build. Existing somewhere between a tablet and an all-in-one PC, Martin Drashkov thinks the Megapad could go mainstream.


The technology is built on and around a standard computer monitor and behaves more or less like an Android device would, except that it's constantly propped up and there's no mouse or keyboard. But where would a device like this go mainstream? Using the touchscreen functionality of a PC while seated at a desk is an ergonomic nightmare. It could live in a kitchen, or maybe even a bedroom, but that's hardly mainstream. Save for being used by retail and marketing professionals, for whom custom solutions already exist, this seems more like a pointless, but very neat, proof-of-concept. [Martin Drashkov]


Al Roderick

I like the concept of the large-format non-portable tablet for a wide variety of creative and productivity uses, but there needs to be good quality desktop-level software that can take advantage of the intuitive interface. A good multitouch interface is a lot different than a good mouse and keyboard interface, so making a version of Photoshop, Protools or Final Cut that works well on this kind of system is a non-trivial task. The only company that's going to be able to market something like this is a company that can also provide well-made first-party productivity apps at launch. So, basically just Apple. Any other player in the space that has hardware and software split up is going to hit a chicken and egg problem.

Of course, given that next-gen Windows is supposed to be transformable for multitouch and mice, that could be the catalyst that encourages the development of supertablet software. (Anyone else feel like calling a giant tablet a "slab computer"? We need standardized nomenclature here, people!)