Meizu M6 Video Preview

We have the tendency to throw around the cliché "iPod killer" more often than I throw dollar bills at strippers, but this time we mean it. Really. We have heard nothing but praise about the Meizu M6 portable media player and if this video doesn't seal the deal for you, we don't know what will. It is small, has a big and beautiful screen and the interface is very user-friendly. On top of all of that, the prices don't seem too horrific. $219 for the 4GB, $159 for the 2GB and $139 for the 1GB. Anybody want to buy a nano? – Travis Hudson

Meizu M6 (Mini Player) in Action [dapreview]

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I just picked up the 4GB model for RMB1,599 (USD199) from Beijing last week. The 2GB & 1GB models were going for RMB1,099 & RMB899 respectively.

Contrary to what one might think, the Meizu M6 wasn't widely available in most local departmental stores, at least not in Beijing. Most shops were carrying other local China brands such as Aigo & Newman.

If you're looking for the Meizu M6 in Beijing, try the local distributor at 'Bai2 Nao3 Hui4' electronics mart……

The Meizu M6 player is deserving of the hype. Sure, it's an iPod design rip off, but the functionalities of this compact device is pretty awesome. The screen is the same size as that of an iPod video, it has a ridiculous assortment of EQ/SRS functions, comes with a built in FM radio, voice/radio recorder, syncs with Windows Media Player, and the scroll interface is very intuitive. Build quality is good and it doesn't feel cheap.

The only thing I didn't like out of the box was that the slider and buttons would occasionally not work properly, requiring a restart or a reset even (hold enter button for 10secs). Hopefully the latest firmware released on-line fixes this.

(Aside to jYopp: I've confirmed that it is a scrolling interface, it works with sliding, tapping and tap-and-hold for fast scrolling. Pretty neat)