Mekaniskt Is Table-Sized Robotic Tetris, Needs Disintegrator Ray

The Mekaniskt is a robotic Tetris, an arm that can suck pieces, moving and rotating them to make the perfectly fit in place using Nintendo NES-like controls. The only problem: the lines don't disappear.

This problem begs for some kind of ACME disintegration ray to be installed at the bottom (or like some readers say, a conveyor belt. We like deadly rays better, though.) In any case, it comes straight from Sweden, the Nordic lands of Europe where Earth is ruled by blue-eyed Valkyries and vodka and salmon is the breakfast of the champions, so even if it wasn't cool—which it is—that's enough reason to talk about it. Discuss. [YouTube - The video was heavily edited from the original one. Thanks Scott!]

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Just to continue that thought- you'd need a 3x2 magnetic array under the table to move the pieces and an arm on top to arrange the newly made blocks from the "recycle bin".

The array moves the pieces and slides completed rows over and uncompleted rows above the empty row down.

It would seem to be kinda "easy" to add to what they've already got. At least, from a conceptual standpoint. Not that I could do it, but i'm sure someone could.