The Melody Balloon, a fantastical concept, is a music player that floats by your side, tethered to the ground by your ears—which is actually a bit disappointing, because I was hoping it was something else:

A floating speaker that would play theme music when you entered a room, WWE-style. Movie protagonist style.


Imagine, you walk into the office, Every Rose Has Its Thorn deafens a whole room of cubicles. Pumped (and possibly greased), you march through the office in slow motion (or just very slowly, no one can quite tell). And it's all thanks to your little Melody Balloon, a concept that is now 1% less plausible but 10000000% more incredible. I mean, as long as we're making stuff up, it might as well include at least one 80s meme. [Yanko via UberGizmo]