Dead media like cassette tapes, video tapes, CDs, DVDs and so forth should die. I have no problem admitting that. They take up space, offer a worse experience and are just unnecessarily inconvenient now. Who cares that I have a CD tower filled with music? Where would I ever listen to all that? But none of that applies to vinyls, which has maintained its charm. That's why seeing melted record skulls is so much more haunting.


These skulls, part of a series called 'Primal Sound', were made by artist Ted Riederer who created them by melting the wax of the records over a plastic skull mold. It's actually quite beautiful to see the vinyl take the shape of the skull yet still wear its label on its head. The goal of the project was to create art using music. I'd say he succeeded.

See more of Riederer's work here. [Ted Riederer via DesignTAXI]


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