Meme This Photo (Updated!)

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You might've heard that Babyface Sam Biddle is on SPIKE this CES. But did you know that there's also freaking 100-foot-tall Biddle glaring at the convention center? That's sponsored by Taco Bell? We've been giving him crap about it all week, and now it's your turn.


We've got a big-res version up there for you, so you can crop in if need be. Do whatever you need to meme him into the ground, just maybe try to keep iJustine in the frame? We like that part. (That's Sam on the right, if you don't stalk him as closely as we'd like you to.) Or instead of meming you can just photoshop the crap out of him. We're fine with whatever. We're just a little too swamped this week to harass him with our own.

We'll update the post later on with the best submissions. The winner gets Sam Biddle to record the message on their home answering machine.

Illustration for article titled Meme This Photo (Updated!)

BREAKING: We've just been alerted that this photo exists. You're advised to use that instead.



Thirsty sam?