Memento Memory LifeBook Rocks the Oldies

While much of the world is concerned about baby boomer populations of their own, we finally have the simple technologies to, if not prevent conditions like Alzheimer's, help improve the independence and quality of life for those inflicted. This Memento Memory LifeBook concept is a feasible idea for those who need constant, quick reminders and easy access to information.


A clamshell design, one set of buttons sits on the outside of the device with another set inside. E-Ink drives the displays (for simple reading and power efficiency) and a stethoscope earpiece can issue vocal commands clearly.

While there appear to be a few UI flaws to the device (you make calls on the outside buttons, but the phonebook is on the inside), we really like some of the ideas, like RFID tagging important belongings that could otherwise be easily misplaced, and a "passive" camera that can automatically snag shots of people one talks to (combined with some automatic meta data, this could be pretty darn useful and a nice way to remember the family stopping by).

Hit the comments to talk about what you love/hate about the device. Because sooner or later, we may all need one of our own. [SinguilidDesign via medGadget]

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