Memorex Releases Four MP3 Players And Nobody Notices

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When consumers hear Memorex, what comes to mind? Most likely CDRs, DVDRs and burners, not MP3 players. But Memorex is trying wedge itself into an already tight market like your wife into her jeans from college.

The most interesting design is a disc shaped player, the MMP8550, which is reminiscent of all their blank media with a big play button in the middle. It has no display, 256 MB of flash and MP3 + WMA support. The only reason you'd pick this up is as a conversation piece.

The other players are standard 512 MB, 3 year old flash player designs, which makes us wonder what Memorex is thinking.


MMP8550 Product Page

MMP8565 Product Page

MMP3774 Product Page

MMP8564 Product Page

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