Men In Black 3: Are There Any More Wacky Aliens Left?

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Rumors are flying that Men In Black 3 is out there somewhere waiting for the right funding. But seriously, do we need another one of these? Because you know Tommy Lee Jones would do it if offered a paycheck, so the chances of this flick hitting big screens are about 50/50. My only concern is, haven't we tapped out on the whole "talking pug" and "famous people who are aliens" jokes? According to producer Walter Parkes, apparently not.Parkes told Parade Magazine that MIB3 is only a matter of time:

The challenge is getting the script right and finding a time when our busy stars are available." .... "Everyone, including Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, wants to do another."

That sounds like something an actor and writer would say to a producer just to change the subject. "Sure I'd do another Men In Black have your people call my people." Then again, Smith did make Hancock. MIB3 has been chatted about since 2005, but maybe it needed this much time to pass in order for it to make a third coming. But I beg of you — should you decide to bring it back for a third time, make it more like the first with the inter-space politics and seemingly intricate system of extraterrestrial management created by the government. Not just an excuse to see Laura Flynn Boyle in leather.