Mercedes-Benz's iPhone App Just Got Even Fancier

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Thanks to the mbrace iPhone app, Benzo owners have long enjoyed the ability to find their vehicles and unlock them from their iPhones. MBbrace 2.0 adds access to M-B's extensive concierge services and more.


The concierge offers location-based recommendations for entertainment and dining, as well as traffic info and directions. That location information is also beamed to the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Center with every call, so if you happen to be pinned under your vehicle (or just need them to replace your flat tire), M-B will know exactly where to send help with little fuss.

The update also adds support for multiple mbrace accounts, because you wouldn't want your wife calling the Mercedes-Benz concierge from your account, I guess? Anyway, back to Need for Speed for me. [iTunes]

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Why doesn't it work on my '87 420 SEL?