MGM Is Up For Sale, But Who's Buying?

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Never mind the Terminator franchise - the entire MGM studio and back catalog is up for sale, meaning that anyone with a few billion dollars can finally make that Capricorn One remake they've been dreaming of.


Actually, the MGM library is pretty impressive, including such sci-fi classics as Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Soylent Green, Westworld and Logan's Run, as well as the original Clash of The Titans, Species and the upcoming Robocop remake (Also, Spaceballs... but that's not really a major selling point). If some interested - and rich - parties picked up the studio and the Terminator rights, they'd have an immediate in with the geek dollar, if they were so inclined (Who wouldn't want to see Robocop Vs. Terminator In Westworld?).

The sale of the studio isn't the only option for MGM's current, beleaguered owners; they're also said to be considering looking for a partner or restructuring debt repayments, but we can't help but think about potential buyers for the studio. What if Disney somehow managed to purchase it along with Marvel, for example? If we had a few billion lying around the offices, we'd be interested ourselves, but that's only because they also own the television rights to Lifeforce.


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Come on, people, let's pool our plastic and hitch our wagons to a dream! Think of it:

An epic battle has been brewing

Now is the time.

IO9 Commenters vs Disney - the battle for MGM

I'm seeing the poster with one of us gnawing on M. Souris' ear (I wrote the name in french in case there's a copyright.)