Michael Jackson Gets His Geek On

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I don't know if I've ever seen a more humanizing clip of Michael Jackson than this Access Hollywood footage from 2006 in which the King of Pop admires the crew's HD cameras.

A Sony F900 catches his attention first, before a crew member brings by what I'm pretty sure is a Sony HVR-Z1U. Jackson ogles the camera for a moment, asks its price, then walks away. But then he can't help himself, and needs to check it out again and make a comment to his handler. He also scores some street cred by referencing the competing Panasonic of the time, what I'm pretty sure was the HVX-200.


It shouldn't be surprising that Jackson was in to gadgets, but when your only real exposure to someone is the weirdest and most controversial of who they are, a little geekdom sure makes a strong case for inner humanity. [Access Hollywood]