Michael Jackson Gets His Geek On

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I don't know if I've ever seen a more humanizing clip of Michael Jackson than this Access Hollywood footage from 2006 in which the King of Pop admires the crew's HD cameras.


A Sony F900 catches his attention first, before a crew member brings by what I'm pretty sure is a Sony HVR-Z1U. Jackson ogles the camera for a moment, asks its price, then walks away. But then he can't help himself, and needs to check it out again and make a comment to his handler. He also scores some street cred by referencing the competing Panasonic of the time, what I'm pretty sure was the HVX-200.

It shouldn't be surprising that Jackson was in to gadgets, but when your only real exposure to someone is the weirdest and most controversial of who they are, a little geekdom sure makes a strong case for inner humanity. [Access Hollywood]

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So now that Jackson is dead, why does everyone suddenly feel compelled to show "the side of Michael we never knew"? Give me a break. I'm sick of reading all of the "we'll miss you MJ!" and "The world will never forget you! RIP" messages all over the blogosphere. The man touched little boys. He was a deeply disturbed individual. Let's not try to turn him into some hero in death just make ourselves feel good. Death is just a part of the life cycle and it doesn't magically erase the path that people have left behind them. There's no honor in Jackson's legacy. His contributions to the entertainment industry don't outweigh the damaging impact that he's had on the lives of the children involved in his many scandals, let alone the children that he's fathered.

Shame on you Gizmodo for jumping into the mindless celebrity parade and posting this irrelevant story that only serves to bump your Digg hits.

Forgive me if I come across as harsh, but I'm dealing with M.J. news overload today and this was just the last straw.