Micro Memo XRM-IP iPod Voice Recorder

The iPod has a million and one uses, just like those knives they sell on late night TV. Besides playing your collection of MP3s and iTMS-purchsed songs, it can also record your voice, a feature I would wager not many users take advantage of. The Micro Memo XRM-IP, distributed in Japan by Focal Point Computer, magically transforms your 5G iPod into a voice recording machine, pleasing the dozen or so people who use their iPod thusly. It plugs right into the dock connector, at which point the iPod latent voice software awakens and you can begin recording in stereo. Of course, we've had this very device under the XtremeMac moniker for a few months now, but it's only just now that our Japanese friends get to play, too.


Voice is saved onto the iPod as WAV files, so you can transfer the files off the iPod onto your computer and convert them into whatever space-saving, lossy format you desire. The Micro Memo doesn't require any external battery source either, so no worries about running out of juice so long as you keep your iPod charged. Available in black or white, the Micro Memo even features a monaural speaker. You probably wouldn't want to listen to your music through the speaker, but the din of your professor should sound just fine. Look for it in the Land of the Rising Sun in August for about $77.

Focal Point Home Page (in Japanese) [Focal Point Computer via Fareastgizmos.com]

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