Microsoft Adding Extra GPU Cooling to Retail Xbox 360 Elites

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Adding Extra GPU Cooling to Retail Xbox 360 Elites

Apparently Microsoft has started adding extra GPU cooling to new retail Xbox 360 elites in order to stave off overheating problems (and the three red lights) the units may be having. These added heatsinks were only previously found in refurbished Xbox 360s in Europe, which meant we were pretty much SOL. Ben Heck dismantled a new Xbox 360 and found a new heat pipe and new materials, but still thought that the cooling was a bit weak because there are no fans directly on any of the components. [Ben Heck via Evil Avatar]

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I had one for 11 days sitting on a table and used it for maybe 5 hours. I didn't even have time to set ti up nice. They I had to wait 16 days to get a new one because BB still didn't have them in stock and I had the extended warranty. Then that one died 6 months later and I've had that one for 8 months or so. They've all been in well ventilated area's with no add-ons.

I''m also a mechanical engineer who has designed heat sync's before. I don't think they have a over heating problem, per sea, but a poor component combined with a heat issue.

The loud CD drive is my biggest problem. Come on.

Also, the best way to cool something it to put on a heat sync with as much surface area as possible(many thin fins or sticks) and blow air with as high of a velocity across it. This removes the hot air from the hot area. Like a BTX MB design. Blowing down on a chip recirculates the hot air back onto the chip(OK, but not great).