Microsoft Announces Pricing for Office 2008 for Mac

Microsoft announced pricing for Office 2008 for Mac, which has been delayed until, well, January of 2008, naturally. It'll ship on January 15th. And of course, Microsoft is not making it easy with just one version of Office, announcing pricing for three different iterations. At leasts there's not nine.


First up is the standard version, the one that's called Office 2000 for Mac, and that has PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Entourage on board for $399. For $100 more, you can get the Special Media Edition that adds Expression Media, which lets you catalog your music and videos. Then there's the slightly crippled Home and Student version for $149, and it won't let you use its Exchange and Automator functions.


This'll be the first Office for Mac that runs natively on Intel Macs, but not to worry, it'll still run on those moldy old PowerPC Macs, too. Let's just hope Microsoft doesn't change the .doc file format in this version like it did in Office 2007, which can be worked around but is still a pain in the ass. [CNET]

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