Microsoft Giving Free Xbox 360s to PC-Buying Students—Time for a Keg Stand!

Every student needs a laptop in college. For how else will they peruse Facebook during class? With a typewriter? No thank you. Now, the deal's even sweeter—if you go the Windows route, Microsoft will throw in a 360.

As long as the PC costs $700 or more, and you've got a .edu email address or student ID, you can dip into this particularly great deal. With a free Xbox, your freshman dorm will be the ultimate party and sex destination—take it from me! Just kidding. I brought my GameCube to college and had an awful time. [The Windows Blog]


MAKE2 Mifune

Daaaaaaaammmmnnnnn. Microsoft is really capitalizing on Sony's misfortune (as any competitor with business sense should). I wonder how this will play out in terms of console market share? Believe it or not, PS3 has been gaining in console market share year over year, while XB360 has been losing.