Windows running on a phone hasn’t ever been very good. Yes, I know some of you love it, and you’re probably holding out hope for a mythical Surface phone, but Microsoft’s latest Lumia promotion shows that the company is ready to close the latest chapter of mobile Windows. Better luck next time?

So here’s the deal: When you buy a Lumia 950 XL for $650, the very best phone Microsoft makes, you get a Lumia 950 absolutely free. Translation: Please god, someone buy these non-competitive phones.


As far as hardware is concerned, these Lumia’s aren’t terrible—fast processors, a decent camera, and even the neat Continuum feature, which lets you use your pocket computer like a desktop computer. But Windows on a phone suffers from the same curse it always has: There aren’t any apps, and the overall experience lacks polish.

In the long run, the company’s hope is that universal Windows apps that work on phones as well as computers might eventually make Windows something you want to use on a phone. That’s no comfort for Windows fans living in the here and now. Microsoft sold only 2.3 million phones last quarter. Things aren’t looking good.

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