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Microsoft Is Opening a Flagship New York Store on Fifth Avenue

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Microsoft has announced that it's opening its first Manhattan flagship store, and it will be on Fifth Avenue—just a few blocks from Apple's iconic glass cube.

Rumors have swirled for the past couple of months about Microsoft wanting to open a fancy store in NYC. Now, it's announced that it will be setting up shop at 677 Fifth Avenue, in a space currently used by Fendi.


It's not yet clear how the store will turn out. David Porter, corporate vice president for Microsoft retail stores, told the Wall Street Journal that the store will have "an 'experiential space' for the company to engage its customers." In reality, you can probably expect some of the sleek glitz that Apple stores offer, too—and perhaps a little more glass for all the extra Windows? (Sorry.)


Regardless, it's a big and expensive move that sees Microsoft position itself squarely against Apple, attempting to sell premium products from premium locations. Whether anyone will buy that remains to be seen. [WSJ]