Microsoft Just Scored 12 Million Wi-Fi Hotspots for Windows Phone

Microsoft just hammered out a deal to get Windows Phones access to 12 million Wi-Fi hotspots from its new partner Devicescape.

WP8 users can access the hotspots by using Data Sense, the new feature that helps limit your network usage (and thereby helps keep you under your data cap). You'll be launched into a Bing map, with locations of nearby hotspots. Windows Phone's Local Scout will also chime in with locations of nearby hotspots when you use the service. Local Scout has traditionally been pretty behind, so a presumably updated list of hotspots would be nice for it to have.


Devicescape has deals with some regional US carriers, but this is the first broad platform to be supported. That said, the Devicescape hotspots, for now, are only going to be available to Verizon WP users. Hopefully that'll change going forward. The deal is similar to the one that Intel has with Devicescape for ultrabooks (using Smart Connect), which, you know, run Microsoft's software, for the most part. More free hotspots, even licensed ones for specific platforms, are a good thing. [Devicescape via FierceBroadbandWireless]

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