Microsoft Kin Hands-On Videos

And here is what Microsoft Kin looks like. The interface is very Moto Blur-like—and a bit sluggish. It's definitely underpowered enough for you to think that the phone is slow, but not so much that it's totally unusable.


The vid above shows a quick tour of the home screen and sharing some information to your social network. The vid below, which is coming in a few minutes, shows more of the experience, like the Zune music playback, searching, sharing and syncing. [Microsoft Kin]



I'm actually really interested in the Kin 2. I have been waiting for something descent to upgrade my voyager, but I don't want a smartphone and the 30 dollar bill that comes with it every month, but the regular phones out now just aren't worth the upgrade. The Wi-fi, Capacitive touch, and 8 megapixel camera really make me interested.