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Microsoft Made Its First Non-Terrible Ad Just in Time for Windows 8

You may well know Windows 8 backwards and forwards (swipes) by now, may even be tinkering with the Developer Preview as we speak. But for the normals out there in the world? Their first introduction to Microsoft's desktop upheaval will be through this ad. And—shockingly enough—it's pretty good!


Whatever your take on Microsoft's actual products, there's little argument over the quality of its ads over the years. In a word, they've been awful. Good lord, it even rapped about cloud storage as recently as this month. So while the first real Windows 8 ad won't blow down any doors, the fact that it seems competent, watchable, even, is no small miracle.


Between this and the leaked Windows 8 ads (since pulled) from a few weeks ago, it looks as though Microsoft hasn't just found out how to completely reinvent the desktop; it's found out how to sell it. And which is more important might just be a tossup.

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LOL Brian is this one of those " Gizmodo ad stories " stop drinking the Kool Aid Brian and just realize that Microsoft is about as relevant as your 70 year old grandpa at Paris Fashion Week.