One problem plaguing these newfangled media center PCs is lack of control. Yeah, they have remotes, but those are damn expensive and if there is a situation where you want to quickly check e-mail then ahahahaha. Enter the Microsoft Media Center 2005 Keyboard, which comes with nearly everything you could want in a media center keyboard. Shortcut buttons out the wazoo, a navigation "nipple," good form factor, and colors that will look nice in the dark, dank basement where you keep that box. Unfortunately, this keyboard doesn
t come with a wireless receiver. Why, you ask? Because the majority of media centers already have wireless receivers integrated, so if you are a home-builder, then another accessory must be purchased. This keyboard goes for a little over $60. Check out the linkage for a full, more extensive review.

Microsoft Media Center 2005 Keyboard [Trusted Reviews]

Pricing for Microsoft Media Center Keyboard


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