Microsoft Office on Windows Phone 7 Looks Fantastic

You can doubt Microsoft's phone strategy. You can grouse about features they've left out of Windows Phone 7. But don't for one second question their ability to put together an Office suite, ok?


What we've got here is a pair of videos showing off Windows Phone 7's Office integration into the OS's email and calendar apps, as well as the Office hub itself. From email to edit, the process is seamless, and markedly more complete than a lot of the rest of the OS we've seen so far. (Specifically, I'm thinking about the non-functioning Xbox hub.)

Office integration might not be the most exciting feature for a new phone platform, but it does help illuminate Microsoft's plans a little more. It's stuff like this, not just subtle UI differences and lack of apps, that separates Windows Phone 7 from Kin, and makes it clear that while Windows Phone 7 is waaaaay more mainstream-oriented than Windows Mobile ever was, Microsoft's never going to betray the Humans With Suits. Their bond is just too deep. [Mobility Digest via Engadget]

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Not to sound like an idiot, but I would take the HD2's variant of WM6.5 over Android, iPhone OS, WebOS, or this piece of horse %$#@ they're trying to claim as an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5.

Okay, Windows Mobile 6.5 is awkward to use, and doesn't have quite the same level of sleek UI features that the iPhone does. But in WM, it's like a cut-down desktop OS; you can screw around with system files, edit the registry, and install software (Or "Apps" for you iPhone users), all without connecting it to a desktop or laptop. Windows Phone appears to lack this mobile flexibility.

I want a full computer that I can carry in my pocket, not a cell phone that does a few piddly little tasks and plays some games. What happened to the future having Star Trek-style computers everywhere? Where are the miniaturized tablets running a desktop OS optimized for touchscreen use, that just so happen to also have a phone in them?