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Microsoft Office Will Be Free on Windows 10 Phones and Tablets

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Office Will Be Free on Windows 10 Phones and Tablets

Microsoft will bundle the all-new Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as part of Window 10 for phones and tablets, Joe Belfiore announced during Microsoft's two-hour-long Windows 10 event. However, there was no mention whether this generous app gift-giving would extend to the desktop.


During the brief preview today, which Belfiore stressed was early builds, looks much more feature rich than the Office hub that's been a part of Windows Phone 8.1. Belfiore also says that this version of Office was made specifically for touch-based Windows 10. It seems MS may be embracing a more full-version of these popular apps as they've already done with the productivity suite for iOS. We'll know more once we get a closer look.

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Microsoft Office is already free for Android. I'm surprised that it isn't already free for Windows Phone? I use Excel on my Moto X with Lollipop. It has pretty good Dropbox and OneDrive integration too.