Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Great For the Average Gamer)

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Microsoft makes fantastic keyboards, but when it comes to gaming peripherals, Razer's no slouch either. That's why this Reclusa, which is a combination of Microsoft and Razer, looks like what you would get if Microsoft were directing a movie, got fired halfway through, and Razer came in and finished it up.

It definitely looks and feels like a Microsoft keyboard, except it's got a blue LED glow and a bunch of macro keys added on. The addition of two USB ports, six hotkeys (three on each side), the jog dial, and the programmable software suite really makes this thing feel like a gaming keyboard.

As for the actual keys, they're soft and cushy—in traditional Microsoft style, which we love—but aren't arranged in the "ergonomic" curved style. The macro keys (including the jog dial) are easy to program, but there doesn't seem to be enough. Also, you don't want to plug in too many power-drawing USB devices into the hub, as that'll cause errors.


It doesn't seem to be a spectacular gaming keyboard, but more like a regular keyboard that you can sometimes pull out for gaming. Which will be nice for most of us reading, since most of us have actual jobs and can't play games all day like we could back in college.

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