Microsoft Releasing SideWinder Keyboard in September?

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Releasing SideWinder Keyboard in September?

Is Microsoft continuing their SideWinder brand revival—started with a mouse—with the release of a keyboard later this year? Perhaps, but this SideWinder X6 seems to be a pretty interesting keyboard in any case. It's got red (perhaps glowing?) keys, a detatchable num-pad, programmable buttons and TWO gigantic knobs on the right. We're thinking those knobs will be programmable as well, perhaps to cycle through your weapons or scroll through your iTunes playlist. We'll just have to wait until September to see whether or not this $79 keyboard really is the SideWinder. [Pcinpact via Engadget]


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I gues I'm a dolt for never considering this, but why is the numpad still on the right side of every keyboard? With the advent of the mouse it seems natural for the numpad to migrate to left side. It seems like it would be easier to access....Great now I have to buy a new keyboard.