Microsoft announced its updated Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007, adding improved GPS locator hardware by Pharos to the package. The company says the GPS device now uses SiRF star III technology that's 10 times more sensitive than the GPS device included with the Streets and Trips 2006 version. The device plugs into the USB port on a laptop, drawing power and sending its data for real-time location updating.

Standalone GPS navigators cost between $400 and $800 (but some are even cheaper, like this Garmin unit on sale for $310 at Amazon), so this software and hardware combination's $129 price might be worth it if you don't mind using your laptop as a GPS device. Might want to get an accessory outlet adapter for that laptop if you're going on a long trip.


Update: check out a pic of the Microsoft /Pharos GPS hardware, after the jump.

Press Release [Microsoft]

Well, here it is. Not much to look at, but the Microsoftians say it's much better than the unit that shippped with Streets and Trips 2006.

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