Microsoft Sued Over Xbox 360 RROD Issues

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Someone looking to make a quick buck has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft at the Sacramento County Superior Court claiming that an excessive number of Xbox 360s have fallen victim to the dreaded "red ring of death" (and that Microsoft covered up the issue to stay afloat in the console wars with Sony and Nintendo). In addition to seeking damages, the plaintiff is looking for the introduction of a refund program in the state of California. The lawsuit alleges that Microsoft knew around 50% of the consoles shipped were defective. To be quite honest, there are plenty of reports out there that claim the figure is even higher than that. I highly doubt that anything will ever come of this, but I am surprised that it took this long for a lawsuit to develop. I mean, there are probably very few Xbox 360 owners out there that have not taken advantage of the beefed up replacement plan once or twice already. [DailyGamesNews via Kotaku]


Well I for one agree with this lawsuit. My first RRoD replacement took 2 weeks and it was obviously a used unit and in fact was dirty. My second took over one whole month to get replacement. The replacement they sent me seemed new, but on close inspection it was the 1st generation motherboard so likely to RRoD again. The optical drive began failing about 6 months after I received it. Microsoft wants $100 to fix the console because only the RRoD is warrented for 3 years...everything else is 90 days. Very frustrating.