Microsoft Surface Predicts the Election with McCain and Obama Bobbleheads

MSNBC had an impromptu demonstration of its new Microsoft Surface table this morning, and gave political analyst Chuck Todd a chance to play with his dollies. At first, the goateed Todd moved states around, zooming, coloring and highlighting with his finger. Though he didn't really have a full handle on all the features himself, the demo was pretty much Surface as usual, until he brought out his bobbleheads. When Todd placed McCain and Obama bobblehead dolls on the Surface, the national map would change colors to show each candidate's specific chances. Put on the Obama bobblehead, and the map turns varying shades of blue. Use McCain, and it turns red. Then he turned Dark Helmet and made the bobbleheads fight each other, revealing the true reason he ordered them up in the first place. The off-screen newswoman didn't seem too impressed, quipping, "Now the five-year-olds are glued to the television," but I'm 22, so the joke's on her! [MSNBC]


"Red vs. Blue" would be a very good political campaign indeed. Somebody call the folks from Rooster Teeth!