Microsoft Un-Cancels Campus Pub, Because They're Totally Cool Dudes

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Last week brought a distressing tale of sobriety and job loss from Redmond, but following a concerted internet scorn-fest, Microsoft has come back around to the idea of a corporate campus pub. Mostly.

Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos, whose Office Space-esque statements on the original cancellation were probably the only reason the story—which I'd like to remind you reflexive naysayers was about a large company building an at-work bar for their employees—gained traction in the first place, confirmed the reversal to Techflash, saying that Spitfire (the contracted pub chain) and Microsoft had discovered "a creative way to find that happy medium." That happy medium apparently entails drinking only after 3:00, exclusively during scheduled gatherings and special events. WinMo Wednesdays anyone? [TechFlash via CNET]

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