Microsoft Teetotalers Hate Fun, Cancel Nearly-Completed Pub

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Unlike my alma mater, Microsoft has decided that booze and good times have no place on their campus. They've abruptly cancelled the almost-finished construction of a new pub, claiming it would not be "appropriate."

The pub, to be called the Spitfire, had already installed its equipment, made connections with beer and food vendors, hired 22 employees, and even hung signs in preparation for its opening when Microsoft pulled the plug. We'll make light of the prohibitive aspects of the story, but those 22 people are out of a job now.

Said Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos, "The goal was always to create a cool gathering place for employees, but to do so in a manner that's consistent with a business environment. We took a second look at that, and we were sensitive to the business environment. We decided we should do something more appropriate, and that meant not having a pub."


Somebody needs to watch more Mad Men, am I right? That Don Draper drinks all the time and he's a marketing genius, something Microsoft might want to take note of. [TechFlash]