Microsoft Vista Hacked, Brute Force Keygen Opens Pandora's Box

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Finding the secret keys to the kingdom has become an international sport, and now we're hearing that the mighty product activation for Microsoft Windows Vista has already been compromised. Using a brute force technique of checking 20,000 possibilities an hour, it might take a few days to find a valid product key, but it works. The cumbersome technique is in the realm of the propellerheads so far, but the crack could soon be turned into an easily-used key generator that would open to sluice gates to widespread piracy.


Perhaps all this software cracking wouldn't be so tempting if Vista didn't cost about the same as a cheap PC. If it does turn out that Microsoft Windows Vista is so easily stolen, it might not be profitable to create such behemoth operating systems any more. Ubuntu, anyone?

Vista Brute Force Keygen [Keznews, via SlashGear]

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Whatever.... There must be a reason people spend their free time devising ways to make these 'cracks'... and that reason is because Windows Vista is a solid and well made piece of software that can help computer users everywhere perform the tasks that they need to do to say— make a living— and earn money (which is an idea most of these people have a hard time grasping.)

If you are too poor to use what you would like to use— then stop cracking it just for the sake of saying, 'haha I cracked Vista— MSFT sucks.' It is a paradoxial and oxymoronic use of time and energy which is cyclictic and never ending. If anything— these hacks are merely strengthening the hold MSFT has on operating systems everywhere.

Use linux/solaris/haiku, etc. if you believe in a world where no money ever leaves your pocket— and leave Windows to those that understand the importance of our capitalistic society.

I'm sure linux would TOTALLY be around if there was no incentive of making money. Yeah. Sure.