Microsoft Vista Preview-Release Candidate 1 In The Wild

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Microsoft's Vista PRC1 is out in the wild now. A select circle of testers gave it their thumbs up upon installing, saying it's "3x better so far" compared to the old betas. Driver support seems to be great as well. Do any readers have access to it and want to send in some screenshots to share with the rest of the class?


Microsoft Delivers Vista 'Pre-RC1' To Testers [TechWeb]

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I loved 5472... but PreRC1 is f*cking amazing...

ROCK SOLID all day so far, and i must say this things like lightning...

glass got some major performance improvements, and about 2-3 dozen of my gripes from previous betas are all gone... and my WMP11 slowdowns are no longer existent.

Not to mention the 24 minute clean install was a great change from the olden days :) Plus Pre-Rc1 shows that they are still cutting back on the utilizations ram went down from 600 megs to 400megs between the last 2 builds... so at this rate PreRC1->Rc1->RTM has some wickd potential