Microsoft: Your Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Is Still Awesome

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Game Daily had a chat with Microsoft Game Studios VP Shane Kim about the Xbox 360, and one of the topics that came up was the defunct (but cheap!) HD DVD player, which you might still be tempted to eBay for $1.25. But you shouldn't! Kim effuses sentimentally about why you should hang it onto it, which is odd considering how nonchalantly other Microsoft execs have been brushing it off:

While it is unfortunate that HD DVD was discontinued, there is still enjoyment to be had from your Xbox 360 HD DVD Player. You can take this as an opportunity to build out your movie collection! There are around 500 HD DVD movies to choose from and many at great deals, so there is a fair amount of content for HD DVD on the market. It also is a terrific DVD player and it allows you to have game discs and movie discs, whether HD DVD or DVD, within the console at one time.


Besides, you still need it for The Big Lebowski in HD. But Amazon's probably the last HD DVD deal bastion since everyone else is mostly cleared out. [Game Daily via videogaming247 via Kotaku]

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The whole argument of "Having a DVD and a game in the Xbox at the same time" applied to me until HD-DVD lost, and I "had" to buy a PS3 to play Blu-Ray movies. Now that the PS3 is my DVD player, my HD-DVD drive is only good for playing my small library of HD-DVD's, which I will do once in a blue moon.

And unless HD-DVD's are selling for ten bucks a pop or less, I refuse to stock up on obsolete movies. I know they will still play in my 360, but I don't know how long I'll have that, and what if I want to bring a movie over to a friends house to play. I really just want one HD format, and I'm willing to pay for it, given I don't buy all that many movies anyway (I rent whenever I can).