Dealzmodo? Best Buy Dumping All HD DVD Flicks for $10, TV Sets 70 Percent Off

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TGDaily is reporting that selected Best Buys—like one in Dublin, Calfornia—are so eager to clear out their HD DVD stock they're a step away from building a huge bonfire: All HD DVDs are just $9.99, with TV series on HD DVD walking away at a steep 70 percent discount. But your YMMV.

Some stores have apparently pulled HD DVDs entirely to make room for Blu-ray, not even bothering to hawk the scraps. TGDaily's sources tell 'em that whatever's not sold by the end of this month will be sent back to publishers, though some stores have already started tossing them back. Still, if you haven't trashed your player already, might as well stop by your local store to see if you can't scrounge up some cheap HD goods. Let us know what the scene's like at your local shop. [TG Daily]

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As soon as I saw this I went to Best Buy and they told me they already sent all the HD DVD back to the manufacturer all the shelves where they were are now empty. This is in Tampa, FL So I went to Circuit City, again empty shelves where they were, I asked about it and they said come back Sunday morning for the fire sale of them all so I'm thinking maybe best buy will be doing the same thing.

I went to Walmart also but they are still full price there but said they would match circuit city's price.