Microsoft Zune vs. Heightened Airport Security

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A reader sent in this tip about the clash between a friend and airport security, with a little bit of Microsoft Zune thrown in. Apparently, this Microsoft-insider friend was flying somewhere today, and when he got to the security check, officials made him check his laptop and cellphone. All fairly normal considering today's events.


The interesting part comes when security saw the Microsoft Zune in his bag. Since they don't recognize it—it's not an iPod, so who would—they made him surrender the prototype and mailed it back to his office. They wouldn't even let him put it in his checked luggage!

So, apparently some US airports are following UK airports and are forcing passengers to check all gadgets before boarding. More news as we hear it.


If this does carry on very long then we're all going to have to fedex our gadgets to meet us at our destinations. Buying stock in fedex now might be a good idea.