Microsoft's Free OneNote App Syncs with Windows Live SkyDrive

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Microsoft is crrraaaazy about the cloud these days, and they're using OneNote Mobile, a free companion app to their popular lists and notes software, to get iPhone users on board. Naturally, it syncs seamlessly with Windows Live SkyDrive.


The OneNote iPhone app, free for a limited time, lets you make lists and take notes that can include text, photos, checkboxes and bullet points which can be organized into various color-coded sections. And thanks to Windows Live, OneNote possesses the one crucial note-taking feature: syncing. With a Windows Live ID, your notes get stored in the cloud, allowing you to get at 'em from the PC software, a web app, or the iOS or Windows Phone 7 apps. COOL! And perhaps this means we'll be seeing other Office apps in the App Store soon. [iTunes]


Homer Berkowitz

This app sucks. It fails to sync as soon as it starts up, and I keep getting error 400 and error 500 when I try to manually sync it. Without being able to sync, the app is useless.

There's nothing more frustrating than downloading an app that doesn't work right off the bat. Especially an app that was recommended by someone like Gizmodo. I'm surprised that you didn't encounter this error as well.

If I can't get this to work within the next few minutes, I'm going to delete the app, rate it as low as it can be rated, and forget I ever had it.