Microsoft's Latest Laptop Hunters Find That PCs Are Perfect For Families On a Budget

Microsoft's latest laptop hunters were looking for four things in a computer: a big screen, long battery life, the ability to share pictures and a price under $700. Naturally, they chose a PC over a Mac.

Much like Lauren before them, the couple chose an HP dv7. However, this couple seems to be the least tech savvy of all the participants in the laptop hunter ads as their decision did not seem to be based on specifications at all. Rather price, screen size and the inclusion of Windows Photo Gallery was the focus here. In doing so, Microsoft touts their PCs as the laptop for families on a budget.


Of course, they rip on Macs for being "too small" and too expensive and with a $700 budget they weren't in danger of getting a Mac in the first place. [CrunchGear]


HA they dropped the price hunt. I wondered what they would do after apple dropped all their macbook pro lines down a few hundred. No real reason to side with the PC any more for a laptop. Plastic and rubber, or aluminum and glass.