Microsoft's Multi-touch laptop, Based on the Surface Table

Microsoft is using the mulit-touch technology that they implemented into their Surface Table and porting it to normal computers. Check out the video above of a demo of a laptop modified to use multi-touch.


Will multi-touch displays replace the boring old mouse in the future? I'm highly skeptical, but it looks like enough money is being pumped into the technology that it'll have a shot at the mainstream soon enough.

I started something [via TechnaBob]

[UPDATE: Fixed the source link, sorry guys at I Started Something.]


Some people here clearly don't know how to view a technology demonstration. Complaints about response time and sensitivity are absurd given the clearly primitive nature of the demo. This is something that's been retro-fitted (ie, hacked) to a computer that was never intended for it. It's amazing it works at all. Proof of concepts like this are a normal part of many technology development. Expecting it to operate as smoothly as a polished release product is naive.

What impresses me is that M$ are actually allowing people to find out about their R&D. The guy was clearly a researcher, not some overly smooth marketing type. You'd never see that kind of "open-kimono" approach from Apple.