Video of Bill Gates Showing off his Expensive Table

Click to viewBilly Gates was on the Today Show this morning showing off his fancy new table. Want to see it in action rather than just in photos? Check the video above for all sorts of goodness of it being used for all sorts of applications, such as playing with photos, wirelessly pulling photos off a camera, and ordering and paying for food using credit cards. It looks pretty neat, I have to say.

So what do you think, are you ready to drop $10,000 on this bad boy or what?



It is always sad to see people do this. Everone must justify their decision of owning either PC or Mac by sticking up for everything on "Their side" and bashing everything on the other side.

My side is better because of...

The iPhone was interesting, I will not buy one, but it had some interesting things to it.

The Surface is interesting, not buying one of these either, but I still find it having potential for the future.

Enough making yourself feel better because of your past gadget purchases and just accept that your enemies are who you make them and finding what works on both sides can only benefit everyone.