Microsoft's Special Windows XP for OLPC Runs Directly off of an SD Card

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Addressing one of the major reasons OLPC's XO Laptop is being shunned by some countries—the lack of a Windows operating system—Microsoft is developing a version of Windows XP and Office that's run directly off of a 2GB SD card. (They convinced OLPC to add an SD slot to the mobo for this very project.) It'll be conducting "limited field trials" with OLPC next month, with a possible launch sometime after June. The catch?


It won't be offered to anyone in the US or Canada, even quasi-philanthropists participating in the Get One, Give One program. But, we're guessing the anti-copying measures won't be particularly hardcore, meaning it'll probably make its way to the internets not long after launch. Bootable Windows on an SD card would be pretty nice on our side of the world too, actually. [CNET, CNET]


This sort of non-US offering is a good portion of my reason for disliking Microsoft, the MPAA, etc.

If the MPAA is willing to sell stripped-down, cardboard-envelope-enclosed DVD's of major movies for $3 in China, then it's just plane rude to not offer the same thing in the US. I'm not willing to pay $25 for their new releases anyway...and even less so when they show such terrible discrimination.

Likewise, if Microsoft will sell a stripped down super-convenient and likely very cheap OS in foreign countries, then why not here too? Most people in the US would still want the full version for their main machine...but I'd like to put together a few simple projects and cheap computers, and a small/cheap Windows OS would be very convenient.

Piracy would be much less of a problem if they sold stripped-down products for cheap, and they could still sell the uber-products at high prices.