Microsoft's Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 Has a Tiny Dongle

Illustration for article titled Microsofts Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 Has a Tiny Dongle

One of three new peripherals from Microsoft, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 is the first to use Microsoft's nano transceiver: A 0.3-inch wide dongle that is barely visible when plugged into a USB port.

The three newest additions to the BlueTrack family—Microsoft's line of peripherals specifically designed to work on any surface—run on 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and are equipped with a plug-and-play feature with their dongles being clipped to the bottom of the peripheral. Starting from $39.95 to $69.95, both wireless mice and keyboard will be ready for purchase sometime in June. [Microsoft via DVice]

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Is it just me or is the number of bluetooth devices shrinking? It seems that they are not even really making them anymore, which I do not understand since it is more reliable than straight 2.4ghz... I keep having interence issues with the 2.4, but never with bluetooth...any thoughts?