Millennium Falcon Cake Can't Hyperspace, But is Best Birthday Cake Ever

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This Millennium Falcon was never going to do the Kessel Run... but it might just qualify as the most awesome birthday cake ever made. I mean, look at the detail! Made by Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, one lucky guy received it this weekend... and can you guess his generous brother's profession? Yup, you were close: it's as a sysadmin. I just hope he appreciated it, since I know an armload of people who'd weep with joy if this arrived on their birthday. Particularly if it were cunningly combined with LED birthday candles for special lighting effects. There's another pic below, if you haven't seen enough.


Now all I need to do is remind my wife of this posting when my birthday comes a little nearer... [LaughingSquid]

Photo by Michael Biven