Miller Lite's Punch Top Can Is a Shotgunner's Delight

Do you adore Miller Lite? Do you find yourself wishing there were somehow a way to get that golden yellow liquid down your throat faster and with fewer suds? Then rejoice! The new ML Punch Top can will allow you to shotgun your brew, the civilized way.

The Punch Top works like any other canned beverage but with a twist. Well not so much a twist as a poke. The can is designed with a weak point near the tab that can be pushed open (with apparently anything from a set of keys to a pool cue—assuming that also includes a can opener) and act as a vent when pouring the can's contents down your gullet. This reduces fizzing and results in a smoother pour.

This game-changing gimmick technological innovation can be enjoyed at house parties, your kid's little league games, concerts, and custody hearings, really anywhere you have a need a drink. [YouTube]

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