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This baby not only keeps track of your next visit to the dentist, but supplies "situational awareness" with a 6.4 inch sunlight-readable touch screen and dual processing with a 200MHz RISC/DSP. The rugged mini-tablet is being shown at this week's Defence Systems and Equipment International Exhibition in London. The MINI-T will withstand from -22 to 167 degrees F, and can be submersed in water too. It's outfitted with cellular wireless comm and accepts some kind of memory cards (although they did not specify which ones). This sucker is on the heavy side—over two pounds—but they will also make a 2.8-inch wrist worn display if it suits your needs. And when I say you, I'm talking about the federal government. As I'm pretty sure that EDO MBM Technology does not have a public showroom.

EDO Introduces Rugged Mini Tablet Computer: Situational Awareness in the Soldier's Pocket [Gizmag]